If you can’t stay faithful,


what the hell are you doing in a relationship? Even if you two aren’t official, yet act like it, you have no right to go around, flirting with others. Unlike you, there are actually people out there who take relationships seriously. They devote their time, their efforts, and even there love for you. They receive all of this attention, yet their attention is focused on you and you only. You niggas disgust me, for real.

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Going to sleep with @melanieeev, brb. (Taken with instagram)

Sweetums. (Taken with instagram)

Laying in @melanieeev’s bed bc I can ;) (Taken with instagram)

My mommy Tryna be a model, but she really is a model. My role model. Love you mom, you’ve got the proverbs 31 woman down packed (: (Taken with instagram)


I usually don’t post stuff like this.. ‘Marriage Videos’ , But out of all the videos I’ve seen about Marriages, this is by far the most powerful video I’ve ever seen.

It’s such a beautiful picture of God’s unconditional, unfailing, sacrificial love for us.
It reminds me of that verse,

but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. - Romans 5:8”

It’s such an amazing truth. That even when I was still a sinner, God still reached out His hands to me and pulled me out of the pit. And still, now that I am His child, I fail Him daily and yet He doesn’t look at me as a ‘failure’ rather His very own Child because I’ve been saved and redeemed by His son Jesus.

This video my friends is the perfect example of TRUE LOVE. A love that comes from God the Father, given to His children, and it bleeds out in our lives.

She knows he’s not the same man (physically) that she dated before the accident, but she loves him anyway, and she knows in her heart that he loves her very much. Just like God, He knows we will fail Him at some point in our lives, we are sinners but because of His love and grace He has adopted us in His family. Yes we fail Him, but He knows deep down inside, we love Him and we desire Him more than anything. And to God, that is enough. For Him to know that we strive and we keep pressing on to Him, daily.

But why does God do that? Why does He still love us, inspite of our past, present & future failures? It’s simple..

Because God is LOVE. - 1John4:8

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I can’t. I just can’t. ohmg. haha

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